CL Douglas Centre for Computer Studies



computer training wITH A pERSONAL TOUCH





We have been providing top notch computer training in a relaxed environment in our thirtieth year of operation. Our personal approach has earned us a reputation that is second to none in Atlantic Canada. We are a 100% Nova Scotia owned Computer Training and Support Centre. Our focus is on providing exceptional computer training and support, not on hardware or software sales.


Our employees have had many years of practical experience in their field, acting both as consultants and providing on-site assistance.  They are constantly upgrading their skills as the new versions of software are released. They are dedicated to providing you with the latest skills, knowing what employers are now demanding in their employees.  They have a solid educational background and industry recognized certification in Adult Education, as well as from the Corel Corporation, Novel and Microsoft.  They are Microsoft Partners as well.


Our services include classroom training and on-site training in most popular software applications, database design, accounting implementations, network installations, Microsoft Project and support as well as small business consulting services.



Why choose us?


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·         Our instructors

·         Small class size

·         Free after-class support

·         Free refresher



·         Reference book

·         Course Certificate

·         Free after-class support

·         Tips and tricks



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